Wing 2 Wing Makes The Largest Contribution in WVU History

One of the largest donations in West Virginia University history was made by Alys and Brad D. Smith. The $25 million donation was announced in early October and will be used to develop innovative new programs that will expand outdoor educational opportunities and stimulate the local economy.

The program, called The Brad and Alys Smith Outdoor Economic Development Collaborative, was made possible through the couple’s Wing 2 Wing foundation, which aims to provide tools and resources to the communities of Appalachia, which have been disproportionately left behind in terms of technological and economical advances seen throughout the country. 

One of Brad’s leadership principles is paying-it-forward, and this donation to WVU is just one of the many ways he and Alys have given back to the state of West Virginia. Brad and Alys have also donated $25 million to Marshall University College of Business, as well as a $10 million scholarship.

Brad and Alys see some of the biggest opportunities to pay-it-forward by investing in programs that give back to the youth of West Virginia through education, which is what the Outdoor Economic Development aims to do.

You can read more about the donation, programs, and the outlooks on how this historic contribution will help grow and stimulate innovation in West Virginia here: