Calling all Dreamers and Doers

Through generations of adversity and rugged determination, Appalachians have exemplified the traits of pioneers, innovators and problem-solvers.

While aspiration and talent may be equally distributed across a population, opportunity is not. Educational resources, access to information, training, and capital are unevenly allocated across the country.

West Virginia helped build a strong foundation for our nation, and now the Wing 2 Wing Foundation is empowering our community to power the future.

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Our Priorities

Together, we can move mountains through accessible and experiential education, advancement of entrepreneurial interest and capability, and the conservation of distinct environmental assets in the region. The Wing 2 Wing Foundation supports these pillars through grants, scholarships, donations and creating conditions for success.


Wing 2 Wing Ventures

Building on our Foundation’s commitment to advance entrepreneurial interest and capability throughout Appalachia, Wing 2 Wing Ventures accelerates entrepreneurial success through proven best practices, personal coaching and capital investment to early-stage start-ups in the region.

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  • The funding and support from Wing 2 Wing and the personal support from Brad has been so deeply appreciated in our firm. They came in as one of our earliest LPs and their care and values alignment has been incredibly meaningful to our team and our mission to help humanity become a net positive to nature.

    Tom Chi, At One Ventures

  • In my time working alongside Brad and Alys, their unmatched generosity and innovation has impacted Marshall University in profound ways. They truly understand the importance of education and opportunity.

    Dr. Ron Area, Chief Executive Officer & Senior Vice President, The Marshall University Foundation, Inc.

  • In addition to much needed funding, Wing 2 Wing has provided us extremely valuable coaching, analysis, and strategy support. We would not be growing like we currently are growing if not for Wing 2 Wing's in-depth, compassionate, savvy guidance.

    Brandon Dennison, CEO, Coalfield Development Citation

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While we do not accept direct donations to the Wing 2 Wing Foundation, we do hope to inspire those who share our passion to donate to the causes and partners we have selected. Learn more about how you can contribute here.

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