Investing in dreamers and do-ers to propel Appalachia and beyond

West Virginians know what it means to adapt. We also understand resilience. And perseverance. All-important traits for entrepreneurial success.

Individuals with talent, drive, and resilience can be found in every corner of our country. But building a successful business requires more than that. It requires mentorship, training and capital.

Wing 2 Wing strives to transform “the seventy-five percent reality” that exists in many rural communities throughout Appalachia into amazing opportunity.

"In addition to much needed funding, Wing 2 Wing has provided us extremely valuable coaching, analysis, and strategy support. We would not be growing like we currently are growing if not for Wing 2 Wing's in-depth, compassionate, savvy guidance."

Brandon Dennison, CEO, Coalfield Development


of the next generation aspires to start or own a business.


of all new jobs will be created by start-up businesses.


of venture capital investments are concentrated across just three states – California, New York and Massachusetts – and this needs to change.

Our Work


Turning coal mining into soul mining

Appalachian Made Co is telling and living a different story of Appalachia, and creates outdoor adventure opportunities that help explorers go where Mother Earth takes her vacations and experience our West Virginia’s playground.


Innovative Healthcare Solutions

DignifiHealth is empowering the movement from healthcare to people care by delivering innovative care solutions that advocate for dignity and accessibility.


Teaching an appreciation of the present to enable us to envision a brighter future

Heritage Farm Museum and Village is a series of museums and buildings that evoke 19th century Appalachia and educate about the social life of settlers in the region from the earliest settlers to the present.

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While we do not accept direct donations to the Wing 2 Wing Foundation, we do hope to inspire those who share our passion to donate to the causes and partners we have selected. Learn more about how you can contribute here.

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