Wing 2 Wing Ventures

The Wing 2 Wing Foundation is focused on transforming the reality that – while aspiration and talent are equally distributed across a population – opportunity is not.

Our work is laser-focused on changing this reality in our region. To build a better future for West Virginia, we concentrate on three key pillars to create sustainable change: education, entrepreneurship and the environment.

Building on our Foundation’s commitment to advance entrepreneurial interest and capability throughout Appalachia, Wing 2 Wing Ventures accelerates entrepreneurial success through proven best practices, personal coaching and capital investment to early-stage start-ups in the region.

Creating the conditions for vibrant growth requires nurturing and supporting local entrepreneurs, attracting a flow of new talent, and creating and sharing best practices for success.


We invest in companies whose values line up with the goals of the Wing 2 Wing Foundation: to forward the development of economic opportunities in Appalachia, make the planet a priority and deliver breakthrough results.


We provide mentorship and education to forward the incubation and development of entrepreneurs and organizations in our region.

Our Entrepreneurs

Learn more about the innovative and diverse companies we invest in and support.

Jason Norman

Concrete Rose Capital

Tom Chi

At One Ventures

Lexia Chamryk-Thomas

Appalachian Made Company

Richard Queen


Entrepreneur Stories

Each of the entrepreneurs supported by Wing 2 Wing has a unique story to distinguish their success. Learn more about Wing 2 Wing entrepreneurs.

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Are you an entrepreneur with our shared values that might benefit from an investment or advising? Learn more about our criteria for receiving support and how to apply for investment and advisory support.

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