Let’s build a better future for West Virginia

Aspiration and talent are equally distributed across a population, but opportunity is not. The Wing 2 Wing Foundation is focused on changing that reality through its support and investments in education, entrepreneurship and the environment.

A priority of the Foundation is to transform “the seventy-five percent reality.”

Seventy-five percent of our next generation has entrepreneurial goals to start their own businesses, and seventy-five percent of all new jobs will be created in start-up businesses.

However, seventy-five percent of venture capital is concentrated primarily in three states — New York, California and Massachusetts.

Our goal is to level the playing field of opportunity throughout Appalachia while serving as a lighthouse for similar regions and communities across the globe.


Our Founding Story

The Wing 2 Wing Foundation was founded by Brad and Alys Smith with the aim of championing human dignity while unleashing human potential in West Virginia.

Born and raised in West Virginia and Ohio respectively, each benefited from the values, work ethic and education received during their formative years which prepared them for thriving careers and life experiences. Their journey took them to destinations across the globe, but their hearts never left Appalachia. The Wing 2 Wing Foundation is their commitment to pay-it-forward, and the inspiration for the name originates from Luciano De Crescenzo who suggested that “we are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another”.

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Our Vision

Become a showcase for the nation, where do-ers can fulfill their dreams in Appalachia by unleashing the power of human potential through the advancement of education, entrepreneurship and the environment.

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Foundation Priorities

Unlock economic and lifestyle prosperity for all through access to education, entrepreneurism and the environment.

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Wing 2 Wing Ventures

Advance entrepreneurial interest, capability and success through proven best practices, personal coaching and capital investment throughout Appalachia.

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While we do not accept direct donations to the Wing 2 Wing Foundation, we do hope to inspire those who share our passion to donate to the causes and partners we have selected. Learn more about how you can contribute here.

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