Showcasing and preserving Appalachia’s natural environment

West Virginia is beautiful. Mountains. Streams. Peaks. Valleys. And yes, it’s green. Just wait until you see it in springtime.

It’s a landscape with countless opportunities for outdoor recreation — hiking, biking, climbing, white-water rafting, exploring —  and immersing yourself in the wonder of West Virginia.

Investing in, preserving and introducing new residents to our unique environment is a priority of the Foundation. We also strive to invest and support companies that share this philosophy.

Appalachia possesses unparalleled natural beauty that provides ample opportunity for outdoor recreation —  attracting 21st Century talent who seek new adventures while serving as catalysts for new sources of economic growth.

The funding and support from Wing 2 Wing and the personal support from Brad has been so deeply appreciated in our firm. They came in as one of our earliest LPs and their care and values alignment has been incredibly meaningful to our team and our mission to help humanity become a net positive to nature.

Tom Chi, At One Ventures


donated to West Virginia University Outdoor Economic Development Collaborative.


percent of investments made in companies that prioritize the planet.


days of free outdoor recreation for families who are part of the Ascend West Virginia Remote Work Program.

Our Work


Autonomous Vehicles Take on Farming

Monarch Tractors collect rich field data and can interface with smart implements to enable lower cost and higher efficacy farming. Such innovations can help accelerate the large-scale adoption of organic agriculture and better handling of soil.


Attracting and Retaining a Vibrant Workforce

Ascend West Virginia offers a signature “remote worker” program that welcomes those who actively participate in the 21st Century economy to relocate to West Virginia and call it their home.


Aiming to End Extinction

Colossal is using CRISPR technology in the de-extinction of previously lost species to restore our ecosystems, as well as genetically engineering other advanced biological solutions to combat climate change and pollution.

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