Blazing a Trail for a Vibrant, Sustainable Future

It’s been proven around the world. To create economic prosperity, three key pillars need to be in place – accessible and experiential education, the advancement of entrepreneurial interest and capability, and the conservation of distinct environmental assets in the region.

These are best practices for creating sustainable and exponential growth and are our top priorities at the Wing 2 Wing Foundation.

It’s working. With our focus on supporting education, entrepreneurship and the environment through grants, scholarships, donations and creating conditions for success, the Wing 2 Wing Foundation has already had a positive impact on our great state.

And this is just the beginning.



Prosperity occurs when we equip the next generation with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel. And that only happens when access to education is truly equal.

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Creating the conditions for vibrant growth requires nurturing and supporting local entrepreneurs, attracting a flow of new talent, and creating and sharing best practices for success.

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Encouraging outdoor recreation to support the health of our community, and creating incentives for businesses that make the planet a priority, will help build a more sustainable future.

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If you are a dreamer and a doer with an idea and some evidence that your idea will make a difference, apply now.

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