Brad D. Smith and Alys Smith






About Alys and Brad D. Smith

The Wing 2 Wing Foundation was founded by Brad D. and Alys Smith with the aim of championing human dignity while unleashing human potential. The foundation’s goal is to tackle what Smith and his wife call “the 75% reality.” 

According to the Smiths, 75% of the Gen Z population have entrepreneurial goals to start their own businesses, while 75% of all new jobs will be created in start-up businesses. The scales, however, are tipped in favor of three states — New York, California and Massachusetts — whose startups received 75% of venture capital investments in 2018 alone. 

“Aspiration and talent are equally distributed, but opportunity is not, and our Wing 2 Wing Foundation will seek to change that reality,” Smith said.

In 2019, the Smiths helped solidify plans for establishing the Brad D. Smith Business Incubator in Huntington, West Virginia. The incubator will serve as a resource space for local aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs seeking guidance or support to collaborate and better connect with the area’s larger community.

Formerly the CEO of Intuit, Brad is a proud West Virginia native with a passion for philanthropy and leadership. Smith is branching out from his corporate leadership role to focus on their new project, The Wing 2 Wing Foundation. They are working to create entrepreneurial support and guidance to young and aspiring business leaders from lesser known zip codes.

Alys Smith, a mediator and former attorney, has a passion for seeking justice for all people, wherever they may live. By taking philanthropic action that levels the playing field for the overlooked and underserved, Alys and Brad can both fulfil their goals of helping others to have equal opportunities and access to the best of education and entrepreneurship while preserving and promoting the beauty of Appalachia.