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The Today Show Features Ascend WV’s Efforts to Bring Remote Workers to the Mountain State

The Wing 2 Wing Foundation is proud to support Ascend West Virginia, an innovative initiative designed to invigorate rural communities throughout the Mountain State by attracting remote workers with a $12,000 relocation bonus, comprehensive outdoor recreation packages, and access to modern co-working spaces. 

Recently featured on the Today Show, this program addresses the cost-of-living crisis by offering families like the Eisenbergs a chance to escape high urban expenses and embrace a more affordable, fulfilling lifestyle in the picturesque landscapes nestled throughout West Virginia.

The Eisenberg family, who moved from Baltimore to Lewisburg, exemplifies how Ascend WV helps participants significantly reduce their living costs while taking advantage of a number of free outdoor activities in a closer-knit and inviting community environment.

Ascend WV Goes Beyond Financial Incentives

Brad’s commitment to creating sustainable opportunities throughout West Virginia is evident in how the program fosters community integration and economic growth. By addressing the cost-of-living crisis and promoting a healthy approach to work-life balance, Ascend WV goes beyond financial incentives by fostering a sense of community and belonging. 

Participants in this program not only benefit from lower housing and food costs but also gain access to a wealth of recreational opportunities that enhance family life. 

The Eisenbergs’ experience highlights how the program supports a sustainable and enjoyable way of living, allowing families to thrive both economically and socially. By leveraging remote work as a powerful tool for rural development and community revitalization, Ascend WV positions West Virginia as a North Star for other similar communities to follow.

Through Ascend WV, the Wing 2 Wing Foundation is committed to revitalizing rural areas, creating a robust and vibrant future for West Virginians and its growing number of new residents.