Apr 21, 2023EntrepreneurshipArticle

Rhetoric: A Wing 2 Wing-Supported Venture

The Wing 2 Wing Foundation provides mentoring, resources and educational training to a number of startups in West Virginia to foster entrepreneurship in the state. One of the most recent additions to the foundation’s portfolio of supported ventures is Rhetoric, an innovative startup that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assist litigators in improving their odds in court. Rhetoric was founded by Luke Yingling, a West Virginia native and graduate of West Virginia University College of Law.

With a philosophy of “know more, win more,” Rhetoric uses AI technology and data to produce advanced, actionable insights on judges, courts and legal briefings to give litigators a competitive advantage in the courtroom. According to academic research, linguistic mirroring, or matching the rhetorical preferences of your audience, dramatically improves the odds of achieving success at court. Rhetoric utilizes one-of-a-kind technology to deliver data to litigators to do just that. Combined with one’s own legal knowledge, Rhetoric helps to amplify a litigator’s expertise.

Rhetoric possesses a unique capability to process what judges say during court and transform their language into data, while also taking into account their legal reasonings in decision-making. Rhetoric uses these analyses of judge sentiment and jurisprudence to assist firms and legal departments in crafting tailored legal briefs. This comprehensive data creates powerful, persuasive arguments.

Rhetoric, under its previous name Analytica Legalis, has been recognized in The National Law Journal’s annual list of Legal Technology Trailblazers, which recognizes agents of change in the legal profession. More specifically, this list features companies that are innovating to improve daily tasks of firms and legal departments. CEO Luke Yingling also represented Rhetoric and his hometown of Ona, West Virginia, at the American Bar Association TechShow in 2022.

Wing 2 Wing Founders Brad D. Smith and Alys Smith were initially drawn to Rhetoric for its innovative technologies and capabilities. Between Brad’s experience as an executive leader and Alys’ extensive legal background, the two understand Rhetoric’s potential to positively impact the legal industry. Furthermore, Brad and Wing 2 Wing are proud to provide Luke, a fellow born-and-raised West Virginian, with support and resources to assist Rhetoric’s success.

As Rhetoric continues to grow, Wing 2 Wing proudly supports the company in its journey. For more information on Rhetoric, visit their website or watch the video below for a better understanding of how Rhetoric is changing the future of litigation.